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Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote improved functionality and natural healing.  Channels of energy run in regular patterns throughout the body.  These channels, called meridians, are like rivers flowing through the body to irrigate and nourish the tissues.  Acupuncture helps to release obstructions in the movement of this energy, stimulating the body's natural healing abilities, and promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Medical Acupuncture is a practice that helps promote health and well-being, prevention of illness, and treatment of various medical conditions.  While acupuncture is most commonly related to pain control, it may also provide relief for digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, neurological or muscular disorders, or urinary, menstrual, and reproductive problems. Acupuncture is also useful in resolving problems related to tension, stress, emotional unrest, smoking cessation, and weight loss.

The term Medical Acupuncture indicates the practice of acupuncture performed by a licensed physician.  In the United States, the practice of acupuncture began in the mid 1800s.  By the early 1990s, approximately 8,000 non-physician and 1,500 physicians were practicing acupuncture.  In the past 2000 years, more people have been successfully treated with acupuncture than with all other health modalities combined. 


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